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Useful Tourist Information

Useful tourist information to give you a taste of what is in and around the immediate vicinity of La Petite Guyonnière and to assist you to become familiar with the area.  “Useful tourist information” is such a broad statement that one page simply can’t do this beautiful area credit.  The list of things to see and do is huge, with many of them close to La Petite Guyonnière so you could not go far wrong by visiting the Vendée Tourisme website.  If you want culture, history, nature, or just plain fun, there is no better place to stay than here at La Petite Guyonnière. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be plenty to keep you entertained.

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Exploring the area is a pleasure due to the extensive and well-maintained road network. Outside of major towns, the traffic density is low, so you spend less time sitting in traffic and more time exploring.  Everything is within easy reach, historical sites, lively coastal resorts or picturesque towns and villages.  The Vendée boasts over 160 km of wide sandy beaches.  Close by there is the calm of St Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (28km), or if you prefer hustle and bustle, then there is St Jean-de-Monts (33km).  The countryside is diverse, from open fields to woodland, marshland to sand dunes, the Vendée is perfect for ramblers and nature lovers.

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icons8 walking 50      Our country lanes, open countryside and woodlands make walking a real pleasure.

icons8 running 50      The same country lanes, open countryside and woodlands are also a pleasure for runners, but you pass them quicker.

icons8 cycling 50      For “pleasure cycling” there are over 1,800km of dedicated cycling tracks and trails.

The Vendée Tourism website has all the information that you could possibly need to ensure a great cycling experience.

icons8 falcon 50      The Vendée boasts some amazing bird watching opportunities, the great variety of habitat encourages species of all kinds. The list is long and fully documented on this website

icons8 cyclist 50      For serious “road cycling” the options are infinite. Country roads are quiet, well maintained and other vehicles will give you plenty of space when passing.

icons8 exercise 50 icons8 cyclist 50 icons8 swimming 50      This area is ideal for serious training regimes, particularly “Triathlon”. The terrain is varied, open water is close-by, the largest lake in the Vendée (170 hectares) is only 2.5km away.  The road network is extensive, French drivers are “cycle friendly” and there are plenty of off-road tracks.

Local Amenities - Mache (2.4km)

icons8 baguette 50 icons8 confectionery 50   icons8 croissant 50    “Le Fournil d’Elo et Steph”

“The best bread and cakes”

icons8 wine glass 50       icons8 restaurant 50     “Oh Mine De Rein”

icons8 shop 50      “Epicerie Machéenne”

icons8 barbershop 50      “Laëtitia Coiff”

icons8 cookies 50      “La Maison des Délices” (Biscuit Factory)

Biscuits/Cakes/Ice-creams etc

Guided Tours and Shop

Local Amenities - Apremont (6km)

icons8 jewelry 50      “Les Beaux Cadeaux”

icons8 modern art 50      “Verre Curieux”

icons8 restaurant 50      “Le Cabanon”

Mini-Golf Course

Attractions In The Local Area

Vie      The largest in the Vendée (170 Hectares)

Maché (2km)

icons8 palace 50      16th Century Chateau

Apremont (6km)

icons8 water park 50     icons8 wakeboarding 50     KS Water Park

Aprement (6km)

icons8 climbing 50     Le Grand Défi

Saint Julien des Landes (18km)

icons8 forest 50      Aizenay (11km)

icons8 golf 50     Les Fontenelles

Coëx (19km)

icons8 bowling 50     Littoral Bowling (10 pin)

Aizenay (11km)

Pizzeria next door

Although not in the immediate area, your holiday would not be complete without a visit to Puy Du Fou,  simply the “Best Park” in the world.  On your visit you will be transported through 2000 years of history, it’s a memorable experience that is unique to the Vendée.

At just over an hour’s drive, the park is a sensational experience that you will want to repeat again, and again.

“Our personal record is 4 visits in one season”

Sometimes being on holiday is all about relaxing.  Sometimes it’s about adventure, thrills, and excitement.  So, whatever type of holiday you prefer, there are so many things to see and do close to La Petite Guyonnière that being bored will not be one of them.

Puy du Fou publicity picture -  tourist information on the Vendée

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