View of the pergola covered in flowers. Essential information about your Vendée holiday
Leon, our Bengal, en repose. Essential information about your Vendée holiday
Seating area beside the pool. Essential information about your Vendée holiday


Essential information about your Vendée holiday

Travelling to La Petite Guyonniere by Road

The Vendée can be reached via two motorways, the A87 and A83, both have sections that incur tolls.  In addition, there are numerous departmental (D) roads, many of which are duel-carriageway.  Above all, the network is extensive and well-maintained.

Speed limits in France are:


130 km/hr

110 km/hr in rain.

Dual carriageways:

110 km/hr.

Main roads:

80 km/hr (outside built-up areas).

Built-up areas:

50 km/hr but can be as low as 30 km/hr.

From Folkestone via Eurotunnel. Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 658km.  Time 6h 23m (approximately).  Shortest  & Quickest Route – Via A28 – Tolls.

Essential information about your Vendée holiday showing image of Euro Tunnel logo.

There are many ferry routes available, prices vary as do driving times from the port of arrival to La Petite Guyonnière.

Ports – Carriers – Distances – Driving Times – Toll Roads

From Portsmouth via Brittany Ferries

Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 375km (Via A87)

Driving Time = 3h 50m (approximately)

Shortest Route – Via A87 – No Tolls

Quickest Route – Via A88/A87 – Tolls

From Dover via P&O Ferries

Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 671km (Via A28)

Driving Time = 6h 32m (approximately)

Shortest  & Quickest Route – Via A28 – Tolls

From Portsmouth and Poole via Brittany Ferries

Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 409km (Via A84)

Time = 4h 12m (approximately)

Shortest & Quickest Route – Via A84 – No Tolls

From Newhaven and Dover via LD Lines

Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 513km

Driving Time = 4h 53m (approximately)

All routes – Tolls

From Dover via DFDS Ferries

Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 695km

Driving Time = 6h 53m (approximately)

All Routes – Tolls

From Portsmouth via LD Lines

Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 480km

Driving Time = 4h 33m (approximately)

All Routes – Tolls

From Plymouth and Cork via Brittany Ferries

Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 384km

Driving Time = 4h (approximately)

Shortest & Quickest Route – Via N12 – No Tolls

From Portsmouth via Brittany Ferries

From Poole via Condor Ferries

Distance to La Petite Guyonnière = 252km

Driving Time = 2h 46m(approximately)

Shortest & Quickest route- Via N137 & D137 – No Tolls

Where Are We?

Make a Reservation

To make a reservation now or to enquire about availability, follow this link…..

167 La Petite Guyonniere, Maché, 85190

Latitude: 46.774377

Longitude: -1.687259


The nearest petrol station is in Maché, however, it is an independant station and therefore, more expensive.  The closest alternative is the petrol station at Hyper-U, in Aizenay (11km).  This station has a full range of fuels and, in addition, has free recharging points within the parking area of the main store.


We are unable to offer the facility to recharge electric or hybrid vehicles at La Petite Guyonnière.  The domestic system will not cope with the extra requirement, without system failures or potential damage to other appliances.

Travelling to La Petite Guyonnière by Air or Rail

Nantes Atlantique is 67km from La Petite Guyonnière, approximately 55 mins.  Car hire is easy with many companies just 2 mins walk from the main terminal.

Essential information about your Vendée holiday showing image of Nantes Atlantique Airport.

La Rochelle-Ile de Ré is further away at 109km, approximately 1h 37m.  Again, car hire is easy, with companies less than a 2 min walk from the main terminal.

Both airports are easy to get to and serve national direct and international flight destinations.

Essential information about your Vendée holiday showing image of La Rochelle Airport.

The Vendée has a good railway network.  The nearest TGV station is at la Roche-sur-Yon (26km) with connecting local trains to Challans (10km).

Essential information about your Vendée holiday showing view of the Main Station at La Roche sur Yon.

Facilities and Activities

Our swimming pool is situated between the accommodation and 2.5-acre field.  It is fenced, with a padlocked gate and an alarm.

The pool is 10m x 5m and is suitable for exercise as well as for fun, however, it is not deep enough for diving.  It is heated from May through to October.

The large sun terrace features sun loungers and chairs, parasols and a solar heated shower.  Beside the pool there is a pirate ship called “The Green Pig”.  Sadly it doesn’t float but it’s fun to play on nonetheless.

The “Games Room” is in our small barn, with access from the courtyard.  Inside are a table-tennis table, a dart board, table football, a selection of free-weights and some bicycles.

Also stored here is the games equipment for all the outside activities such as football, badminton and petanque.  There is also a selection of buckets and spades etc, for when you visit the beach.

Our range of outdoor games provides fun activities for all ages and abilities, they include:




10 Pin Bowling

Selection of “Medieval” games


Ouside space is something that we have plenty of, with 10,000 m² set aside as gardens and another 12,000 m² used as grazing for horses.  For the past 9 years we have been host to “Hermine”.  She is a large, but extremely gentle, retired trotting horse (le Trotteur Français (the French Trotter).

There are a number of shady seating areas with tables and chairs, which can be moved around to suit your tastes. As well as flower beds, shrubs and trees, we have made areas for playing football, a boules court and space for badminton.

The courtyard is at the front of the property, where there is sufficient off-road parking for up to 8 cars.  It is South-facing, therefore it gets extremely hot during the day, please be careful about what is left inside cars.

Leading from the courtyard are the entrances to both gites, the indoor games room, and via a passageway, the gardens.

The laundry has a coin-operated washing machine.  There are sinks, a vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board, clothes dryer, pegs, bucket and mop, etc.  Directly to the rear of the laundry there are 2 rotary washing lines.

This room is also our recycling centre.

Have we mentioned the “Tree Fairies”?  They are around, although, you will have to look really hard to find them.

Tourist Information

There are so many things to see and do in this beautiful part of the Vendée that you will be spoilt for choice. Many of them are close to La Petite Guyonnière. So, if you want culture, history, nature or just plain fun, there is no better place to stay than here at La Petite Guyonnière. No matter how many times you visit, there will always be plenty to keep you entertained.  We are available to offer advice or information on attractions and activities in the local area. But, you would not go far wrong visiting the Vendée Tourisme website.

Tourist information attractions and activities, office de tourisme

Exploring the area is a pleasure due to the extensive and well-maintained road network. Outside of major towns, the traffic density is low, so you spend less time sitting in traffic and more time exploring.  Everything is within easy reach, historical sites, lively coastal resorts or picturesque towns and villages.  The  Vendée boasts over 160 km of wide sandy beaches.  Close by there is the calm of St Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (28km), or if you prefer hustle and bustle, then there is St Jean-de-Monts (33km).  The countryside is diverse, from open fields to woodland, marshland to sand dunes, the Vendée is perfect for ramblers and nature lovers.


Tourist information attractions and activities, walking icon.Our country lanes, open countryside and woodlands make walking a real pleasure.

Tourist information attractions and activities, running man icon.The same country lanes, open countryside and woodlands are also a pleasure for runners, but you pass them quicker.

Tourist information attractions and activities, cycling icon.For “pleasure cycling” there are over 1,800km of dedicated cycling tracks and trails.

The Vendée Tourism website has all the information that you could possibly need to ensure a great cycling experience.

Tourist information attractions and activities, bird in flight icon.The Vendée boasts some amazing bird watching opportunities, the great variety of habitat encourages species of all kinds. The list is long and fully documented on this website

For serious “road cycling” the options are infinite. Country roads are quiet, well maintained and other vehicles will give you plenty of space when passing.

This area is ideal for serious training regimes, particularly “Triathlon”. The terrain is varied, open water is close-by, the largest lake in the Vendée (170 hectares) is only 2.5km away.  The road network is extensive, French drivers are “cycle friendly” and there are plenty of off-road tracks.

Local Amenities – Mache (2.4km)

“Le Fournil d’Elo et Steph”

“The best bread and cakes”

“Oh Mine De Rein”

“Epicerie Machéenne”

“Laëtitia Coiff”

“La Maison des Délices” (Biscuit Factory)

Biscuits/Cakes/Ice-creams etc

Guided Tours and Shop

Local Amenities – Apremont (6km)

Attractions In The Local Area

The largest in the Vendée (170 Hectares)

Maché (2km

16th Century Chateau

Apremont (6km)

KS Water Park

Aprement (6km)

KS Wake Park

Apremont (6km)

Tourist information attractions and activities, zip line icon.Le Grand Défi

Saint Julien des Landes (18km)

Tourist information attractions and activities, forest icon.Aizenay (11km)

Tourist information attractions and activities, golf icon.Les Fontenelles

Coëx (19km)

Tourist information attractions and activities, 10 pin bowling icon.Littoral Bowling

Aizenay (11km)

Pizzeria next door (Great burgers!)

Your holiday in the Vendée would not be complete without a visit to Puy Du Fou, simply the “Best Park” in the world.  On your visit you will be transported through 2000 years of history, it’s a memorable experience that is unique to the Vendée.

At just over an hours drive, the park is a sensational experience that you will want to repeat again, and again.

“Our personal record is 4 visits in one year”

Puy du Fou – Best Park in the World

Tourist information attractions and activities, Puy du Fou

Sometimes being on holiday is all about relaxing.  Sometimes it’s about adventure, thrills and excitement.  So, whatever type of holiday you favour, there are so many things to see and do close to La petite guyonnière that being bored will not be one of them.


Send an e-mail, using our Contact Form to check availability or make a reservation.

We will return a reservation form to be completed.

Return the completed reservation form with confirmation that the deposit has been payed.

Upon receipt of the completed reservation form, and deposit details, we will send a reservation confirmation.


Payment can be made in pounds sterling or euros.  Prices in euros are at the current rate of exchange at the time of booking.

25% Deposit payable via bank transfer when returning the reservation form.

Remainder due not later than 8 weeks before the start of the rental period.

Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions are included with the reservation form and should be read before returning the form.

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in time is not before 16.00hrs on the day of arrival, unless an alternative time has been pre-arranged.

On the day of departure check-out time is 10.00hrs.

Provision can be made for baggage to be secured for early arrivals.

Baby Equipment

Travel cot with linen and high chair available on request. 

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in either property.


Sorry, no pets allowed. 

Top Tip

Very few shops open on Sundays, therefore, try to do your food shopping prior to arrival.  As a rule, most shops close at 19.00hrs.  Hyper-U in Aizenay (11km) is the nearest large supermarket and does open on a Sunday morning (until 12.30hrs) in July and August only.

On this page of “essential information about your Vendée holiday” we may have missed something.  If so, please use the form on our Contact Us page to let us know.  Thank you.